Hiking Out

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“Hiking Out: Surviving Depression with Humor and Insight Along the Way” Dick’s first memoir, these stories and essays are all about life seen through the eyes of a hiker. This book explores the roots of his lifelong depression, a celebration of everyday life, the places, the kind and helpful people he met along the way.

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Inside and Outside

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“Inside and Outside: Messages of Hope from a Life Long Hiker and Depression Survivor” Dick’s newest memoir, this is a collection of life change and inspirational stories and essays. The feature story “Life Change Discussion Group: Bringing Hope to a Medium Security Prison” is about his volunteer prison ministry. Having lost hope in his life, he can appreciate the plight of those who have lost theirs. This book is for all who seek insight, enlightenment and sweeter dreams wherever you may sleep.

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Dick Sederquist's Volunteer Prison Ministry – Feature Article from HIBU Community Magazines Read More

My Prison Ministry

To those interested in this program, imagine yourself sitting in my class. Through circumstances beyond your control and your own mistakes and choices, you have signed up for this program to change your life.

I have been volunteering in two Connecticut medium security prisons over the last five years, affecting the lives of over 200 inmates. My secular prison ministry is called "Life Change Discussion Group" consisting of an eight session workshop designed to improve verbal communication skills and develop life coping strategies. The most important thing a participant can learn is to better define, explain and sell themselves by their ability to listen to, communicate with and help others.

Discussions cover many topics ranging from our worst fears to difficulties in listening and communicating with others to one's self image and the meaning of one's life. In addition to round table discussions, participants hone their skills by making individual presentations and leading discussions on subjects of their choice.

Read More Overview of "My Prison Ministry" - "Life Change Discussion Group"

An Interview With Dick

About the Author

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Twenty percent of the profits from the electronic book sales of my memoirs, “Hiking Out” and “Inside and Outside”, are being donated to the community and national humanitarian and charitable giving programs of the Universalist Church of West Hartford, Connecticut. These programs benefit the less fortunate, those who are hungry, homeless, troubled or in need of help.
Dick Sederquist is a retired engineer, engineering consultant, writer, author, hiker, motivational speaker and cancer and depression survivor. Dick suffered an emotional breakdown 38 years ago, realizing that he had been depressed all his life. That started his long journey back to mental health and happiness. Dick writes motivational and inspirational nonfiction short stories and essays for general audiences on many topics including life, family, humor, spirituality, nature, science, his volunteer prison experiences, hiking and travel adventures, depression, overcoming adversity, and what the author refers to as “home improvement”, healing the mind and body we live in. Dick and his wife have been married 54 years; have two grown children and four grandchildren, all part of a close-knit, active, caring and loving family. The whole family believes that the greatest gift in life is helping others.