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A Loss for Words – A Sad Week for All

My regular volunteer discussion class at prison was cancelled this week due to a lock down for facility repairs. The general topic of this fourth session of my “Life Change Discussion Group” workshop was to be “Take a Walk” an exercise in recalling good things from the past, flashbacks like familiar pictures falling out of an overstuffed photo album, creating hope in the form of images you remember or would like to have in the future. I am sure the mood would have been very somber in the wake of the tragedy in Boston. My friends inside the razor wire are patriotic and very protective of children. They feel very strongly about the perpetrators of crimes against country and humanity. They feel grief as much as anybody. It is especially difficult not being able to share it personally with family or the families they have lost. This week we are all at a loss for words.

Dick Sederquist is a retired engineer, engineering consultant, writer, author, hiker, motivational speaker and cancer and depression survivor. Dick suffered an emotional breakdown 35 years ago, realizing that he had been depressed all his life. That started his long journey back to mental health and happiness. Dick writes motivational and inspirational nonfiction short stories and essays for general audiences on many topics including life, family, humor, spirituality, nature, science, his volunteer prison experiences, hiking and travel adventures, depression, overcoming adversity, and what the author refers to as “home improvement”, healing the mind and body we live in. Dick and his wife have been married 50 years; have two grown children and four grandchildren, all part of a close-knit, active, caring and loving family. The whole family believes that the greatest gift in life is helping others.


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Guest Tuesday, 24 April 2018