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“In Search of God in the Universe”, Chapter 44 of 92 of “Inside and Outside”, A Free Book

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THE COLLISION OF A PLANETOID WITH OUR NEWLY FORMED EARTH CREATED OUR MOON (What the collision with our planet, circling the distant planetary dust shrouded sun, may have looked like. It’s amazing how I was able to capture this image with my camera. A cataclysmic event, which looked at first like a disaster, ended up creating the world we live in. Without a moon to stabilize our axis of rotation, our reliably recurring seasons, and create our lunar tides, our earth would be a far different and possibly a very unfriendly place for the evolution of intelligent life.)


Next Week, “Walmart Stargate”, Chapter 45 of 92 of “Inside and Outside”, the first of the next 24 humorous chapters


Unitarian/Universalists say that is “God is Love.” Love also takes time to develop, and requires patience on our part. “Love” can be expanded to encompass a lot of meanings and positive things that act and grow through time. As a retired engineer and “armchair” scientist, I see a connection and parallel of love with gravity, one of the greatest creative forces in the Universe. Gravity is a patient force; it takes time to work its wonders. There are many ways of looking at and explaining things. You will learn something new by reading this complete essay. If you haven’t read to the completion of one of my essays, this is the one to start with and finish.

A phrase by the English writer, Violet Fane, 1892, extolls the virtue of patience. “All things come to those who wait.” There are similar phrases like, “Good things come to those who wait.” Although these words do not come from the Bible, there are similar phrases from the Bible such as found in The Book of Lamentations, Chapter 3, Verse 25, “The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.” The creation and evolution of our present Universe, our Earth, life on Earth and humanity took eons of time and patience. Be patient that the small blips, stumbles, and what seems like disasters along the way, will play out with time, and that love will prevail. Love and time (maybe we should say, “The God of Love and Time”) are interrelated and work together, creating our human connections with each other and the natural world, revealing the truth and meaning of things that we don’t understand, exposing hypocrisy, and healing our hurts and wounds. That is a pretty comforting image and message.

In Search of God in the Universe

Scientists say that the universe was born of a fluctuation of a false vacuum with all the mass and positive energy of this rapidly inflating system borrowed from a deepening well of negative gravitational energy for a net total energy of zero. Our universe came from virtually nothing and grew to possibly infinite size. Our universe owes its physical existence to gravity. The formation of universes (or as scientists now say, the multiverse) is a constant process without beginning or end. Ours universe is one that sustains life. We are not unique.

When I gave the above discourse to my friend, he looked at me and said, “Are you trying to tell me that God is gravity?” That wasn’t my intention, but there are a lot of interesting parallels. One can always reason that God created all the natural laws and critical physical constants and set them loose to govern the universes.

My friend is looking at me attentively.

Following the Big Bang, the quantum gravity fluctuations in that early kernel of a universe provided the gravitational seeds to form the galaxies and their central black holes.

Following the formation of the early galactic clouds, local dense regions started to gravitate into star systems. Gravity creates the pressures that ignite the thermonuclear fires in the suns. The early super suns consumed their fuel quickly, formed the critical elements of life, blew up and spread these critical elements throughout space to be gathered again in new star systems.

In these star systems, planets started to form, accreting and gathering mass by the attraction of gravity. On the smaller planets like Earth, gravitation forced the heavier elements including iron and the dangerous radioactive elements into a molten core and left the lighter elements and elements necessary for life in the solid mantle and primitive atmosphere.

Under the gravitational effect of the sun and heavier planets and the laws of orbital mechanics a large meteor or planetoid impacted the Earth forming our moon, which the Earth captured by means of its own gravity (This was a very fortuitous event. We need our moon. Intelligent life on Earth probably would not have evolved without it).

The Earth was continually bombarded by water containing comets caught in the gravitational field of the sun and perturbed from their own orbits by the heavy gas planets like Jupiter. These formed our oceans.

Evaporation of the water and heating by the sun, created large buoyant bubbles of humid atmosphere, thermals, updrafts, weather and the rain, all resulting from the influence of gravity. The rain brought water to the new life and washed minerals and nutrients into the sea creating our salty ocean with the same salinity as our own blood.

Evolution continued as it continues to this day with the advent of modern man. Man is born and fights the force of gravity until he can stand. He fights the force of gravity for his whole life, and by continuing to do so he remains strong and healthy.

When life cannot fight gravity anymore it slowly succumbs and is taken back by the Earth.

Some day, our sun will burn up (by nuclear fusion) much of its hydrogen fuel forming more helium, which burns at a faster rate. In a few billion years, the sun will expand into a red giant and turn our planet Earth into a cinder (Support your space program. Eventually for humanity to survive, we have to colonize the outer solar system and other star systems).

Eventually gravity will lose its hold on everything and the universe will expand to nothingness.

Here we come to a hurried end of this story. My friend is starting to drum his fingers and look fidgety. It appears that we need gravity for creating and nurturing the universe and for our very existence here on Earth. Gravity is the great organizer, probably even more efficient than my wife.
What is gravity and how is it orchestrated? My friend just rolled his eyes and scratched his head. “You’re giving me a headache. You’re too deep for me. Let’s go hiking and enjoy what we got.”

We Unitarian/Universalists, in our search for God in the Universe, don’t profess to know the answer either. If we took it up for a vote, there would be as many answers as people voting. I suspect it has something to do with love. We all know that, “Love Makes the World Go Round.”

Next Week, “Walmart Stargate”, Chapter 45 of 92 of “Inside and Outside”

Dick Sederquist is a retired engineer, engineering consultant, writer, author, hiker, motivational speaker and cancer and depression survivor. Dick suffered an emotional breakdown 35 years ago, realizing that he had been depressed all his life. That started his long journey back to mental health and happiness. Dick writes motivational and inspirational nonfiction short stories and essays for general audiences on many topics including life, family, humor, spirituality, nature, science, his volunteer prison experiences, hiking and travel adventures, depression, overcoming adversity, and what the author refers to as “home improvement”, healing the mind and body we live in. Dick and his wife have been married 50 years; have two grown children and four grandchildren, all part of a close-knit, active, caring and loving family. The whole family believes that the greatest gift in life is helping others.


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